10 Toys With Most Lead

Examples of Toys Containing Lead


2 Hearts and HM graphic NecklaceDisney (F.A.F., Incorporated) 406,510

Halloween Pumpkin PinThe Christmas Tree Shop 190,943

Bracelets CollectionThe Christmas Tree Shop 81,085

Just My Style “It’s So Charming” Jewelry Charm Bracelets
Just My Style Jewelry 9,254

High School Musical crown necklaceDisney (F.A.F., Incorporated) 7,963

Leapster2 / Wall.ELeapFrog 4,251

Fairy & Flowers SandalsHuanCheng 4,113

Thistle BlocksEdushape 2,446

Turbo Wheels - Lime GreenGreenbrier International, Inc. 2,441

High School Musical “HSM” necklaceDisney (F.A.F., Incorporated) 2,337

Source: www.Healthytoys.org and Ecology Center

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