10 Easy Steps to Becoming Green

By Natural Kids ®

  1. Buy organic food when possible. Begin with milk and your child’s favorite vegetable and fruit. If your child is not a milk drinker, start with the most consumed beverage. Check out the list of fruits and veggies with the least amount of pesticides.

  2. Try to find local foods – shop at local markets where local farmers display their products. Reduce your carbon footprint and the distance food travels.

  3. Recycle at home and at work, it’s easy, it’s fun and your children can participate. You will love it too, because there will be less trash to take out. J If you don’t know how to get started, check with your local city’s recycling office. Google your city and recycling and you’re sure to come up with a plan to get started right away. Recycled containers can also become fun art projects for your children.

  4. No more Plastic. Choose paper instead of plastic (your next step will be reusable containers and bags)

  5. Stop car idling. Save gas and eliminate awful fumes!

  6. Turn off the lights and other heavy energy users when not in use.

  7. Switch to toxin-free, biodegradable household cleaning agents for kitchen and bath. Start with your hand-soaps, then move on to bathroom cleaners and laundry detergents. Our Favorites are Method. This step is sure to help the allergy sufferers in your home or office.

  8. Heating and cooling can add up to 45% of your utility bill. Set temp lower in winter and change furnace filters monthly.

  9. Conserve Water!!! Start by turning the water off while brushing your teeth. Once you’ve mastered that step, try cutting down your length of time for showers.

  10. Take it Easy! Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to become perfectly green! Every change counts and points you in the right direction. Start with Food and the Environment.

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